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Deborah Steytler



Artist Statment: 

The shelter in place has been terrifying and a comfort.  What it means to have to stay away from people  is terrifying. And it is a comfort to shelter in place where I learned how to stay home and not freak out too often.  Some days I am drugged with anxiety and don't do anything.  Better days start with an on-line yoga class  where I find my breath.  While I move through the asanas, I study my paintings.

Then I sit outside and watch the plants and birds around my studio. I have time to work.  I am rested and centered on the days I am not terrified and anxious. Work is good.  I start with figure drawings and then bury them in layers of color and shapes.  The figure comes through again.  Glazes, drips, calligraphic lines bury the first, the second layers. It is easier to get immersed in the work now that I have to stay home. I am grateful.


Deborah Steytler is an active artist in and around Greater Cleveland with current interests in drawing and painting from life as well as expressionistic and abstract drawing and painting.

She studied at Kent State University and graduated with an MA in printmaking, specializing in wood block printing.

She has recently retired from Chardon High School where she taught art for 16 years, and also taught at Lake Erie College and Lakeland Community College since 1988.

Current interests keep her exploring new ways of developing a theme, keeping it loose, making something personal and expressive.

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