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Keeping the Arts Alive is a Gift to Everyone

Posted on 12/16/20

Dear Friends:

Whew. What a year it’s been.

I spent some time today walking around the empty NUCA building, which feels oddly frozen in time—the artwork that was supposed to open a brilliant show this spring still hangs on the walls, works that didn’t sell at this year’s fundraiser stacked neatly in the shop, empty classrooms that are normally buzzing with creative activity feel like the walls themselves are anticipating a child’s laughter, the whirr of the pottery wheels, the soft hiss of the torch in jewelry class. It feels simultaneously not-quite-right and like home.

2020 was not what any of us expected it to be, but FAVA’s staff and Board have worked hard to embrace the creative opportunity that this year has presented us with. We’ve brainstormed, listened, pivoted, shared, and done our best to fulfill our mission in the midst of this very challenging year. Here are just a few examples of what we accomplished in 2020:

  • Launched an improved online exhibition portal which has had more than 2,600 visitors to date
  • Ensured FAVA artists could continue to create at home by loaning out pottery wheels and tools
  • Fired more than 100 pieces of pottery for our Open Studio at Home ceramicists
  • Provided opportunities for folks to hear from FAVA artists and staff—viewers have spent more than 2,100 minutes watching our YouTube videos

The Lorain arts and culture sector has been hit particularly hard by the economic impacts of Covid-19. A recent survey conducted by Oberlin Center for the Arts found that:

  • Ohio’s arts and culture industry suffers from the highest unemployment rate, with 1/3 of the sector out of work
  • Arts and culture organizations anticipate a 72% reduction in earned revenue from 2019-2021; for FAVA this includes shop sales, classes, and camps
  • And nearly 2/3 of surveyed organizations will close within the next year without additional income.

FAVA has been able to maintain three full-time staff throughout 2020. However, FAVA is facing a $30,000 budget deficit for our 20-21 fiscal year. We need your help.

Please consider a gift to support FAVA this holiday season. Now, more than ever, a gift to FAVA’s annual drive fund—regardless of size—will make a tremendous and immediate impact.

Thank you, as always, for being a friend to FAVA. We wish you safe and healthy holidays. We can’t wait to see you in 2021.


Kathleen Jackson
Executive Director

P.S. Monthly gifts help create a sustainable funding source for FAVA. Please consider a monthly reoccurring gift of $10 or more. donate now

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