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Tickets available online now at

Tickets available online now at

Tickets available online now at

Tickets available online now at

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Donor Spotlight

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Because of generous donors like you, FAVA is able to continue our work of changing lives through the visual arts. Approximately 25% of FAVA’s annual budget comes from membership and individual support—thank you!

Unrestricted donations go a long way toward supplying the funds we need to keep our galleries full of established and emerging artists’ work, keep classes affordable for the community, and provide camp for kids through the summer months. Your generosity makes all the difference.

Gold Frame

Helene Aarons

Mary and Fred Behm

Mary Kirtz-Van Nortwick and Thomas Van Nortwick

Nancy London

Emily and Emily McClintock

Jane B Nord

Theodore Nowick and Robert Taylor

Gail and Reid Wood

Silver Frame

Ronald Cocco

Dick Holsworth

Tom Konkoly

Beverly Moffatt and David L Moffatt Jr.

Dina and Richard Schoonmaker

Dina Schoonmaker

Thomas Van Nortwick

Bronze Frame

David and Roberta Berns

Doris Garber and Terry Cook

Carol and Bob Longsworth

Betsy and Michael Manderen

Jane Moore

Jeanne Pease

Craig Sumner

Grover Zinn


Clifton M. Barnes

David Bergholz

John and Betty Berkmeyer

Eugenia Bobo

Martin Buck

Liz Burgess

Deborah Campana

David Paul Christian

John and Kathleen Clark

Roger and Fran Cooper

Andrew W Culberson

Jay Dahlke

Sheila Eckstein

Susan and David Egloff

Malcolm and Mary Fowler

Barbara and William Fuchsman

Ann Fuller

Carl Gerber

Ruth & Tom and Tom Green

Robert and Ursula Haslun

Brian Hedges

Jean Heller

Maxine Houck

Shirley Hull and Larry Funk

Maegen Hurtado

Kelly Keegan

Gary Kornblith and Carol Lasser

Lynn Koster

Lynn and Joe Koster

Wendy Kozol and Steven Wojtal

Langdon and Emerald Langdon

Ann and Dayton Livingston

Danielle and Bill Locke

Al and Ann MacKay

Alison Martanovic

Joseph and Terri Martin

Ginger Mateer

Raymond & Peggy and Ray McCreary

Jane and Darren McDonough

W Jeanne McKibben

Mary Minter Family

Charles Mintz

Charles and Patricia Mintz

Charles Mintz

Mark Mittler

Joan Mongello

Robert Morris

Judy and Al Nicely

Theresa Patton

Mary Picken

Laurence and Marjorie Porter

Andy and Cindy Ruckman

Joyce Schemp

Kathleen and John Secrist

Sue and Bruce Simonson

Richard Skerl and Eric Hammer

Don and Kathy Spencer

Sally Takada and Sibbi Bernhardsson

Judith Tandy

John and Jean Tierney

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